Hidden Human History- The War of 1812 and the Vanishing Empire of Tartary


One of the greatest travesties surrounding humanity is our inability to remember or recall our lost history. A lost history that has been systematically submerged and hidden in disinformation and obscurity.

Thanks to technology, we now can access our true history, and the ability to decipher the lies from the Truth. One of the biggest lies propagated was the war of 1812. There was indeed a war but whose war?

Rebel Without a Pause does an excellent job presenting its viewers with evidence regarding this war and leaving the discernment up to the viewers to further research and clarify.

The video is a little over 40 mins long and I strongly encourage you to view it in its entirety. It trickles out info gradually and watching it thru to its completion makes it easier to put the pieces together.

Enjoy 🙂

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