What Will You Do?

Only God can count that fast – the world of quantum computing

What if someone sold the world into a dark evolution program (advanced tech against the mind)? It devolves the population every few thousand years and selectively “resurrects” whoever they want to be their minions in the lie. What if this was found out?

What if you and your family lost out thousands, literally thousands of years of life and progress to the point that from the perspective of the future advanced races, humanity is in a kind of ‘stasis’ where they can’t move forward until this is put back into alignment.

What if the world is versatile and what they were pitching as a 100,000,000 year false evolution plan can actually be done in 22 years with people who don’t want to be paid in blood and sex? Who would you choose?

What if, to cover all this up,, to literally, quite literally condemn the human species to eternal hell of chaotic rogue tech devolution miasma, they wanted to delete all the evidence and take out anyone who knew that wasn’t ‘playing ball’?

What would you say, if their mass plan was to have you and your family, literally, live inside of a false reality where you are used as a soul force within a system that replays time over and over again so that your genetics are forced to remain in a devolved state, indefinitely.

What would you say if that was their plan for ruling together, forever. To literally make the human race their planned genetic mind slaves that would enable them enough control over the time domain to prohibit your consciousness from ever realizing the truth?

What will you do? You only have as long as there is a viable window for change for this to be relevant.

By this time the next cycle, your memories will be gone.

By Omnipulse


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