SOUFUL ENERGY…The Origins of the Soul

      *What drives one person to pursue material ambitions and momentary pleasures for their entire lives, and another to search for something deeper and more meaningful? *What allows two people to witness the same poignant scene of earthly suffering, but only one of them experience a deep enough ‘awakening’ to completely change their lives? *What makes some people more mature, receptive and compassionate … Continue reading SOUFUL ENERGY…The Origins of the Soul

The Difference that Open-Minded People Possess

      We are wise and intellectually aware in proportion to our open-mindedness.   Think about a kid. According to the work of developmental psychologists, in the first few years of its life, it has a very loose concept of self and object.   In plain English, such a child is extremely egocentric, and it can’t imagine the world from someone else’s point of … Continue reading The Difference that Open-Minded People Possess

The Human Gift of Imagination… and the Great Cost of Losing It

      Imagination is one of those things that have been grossly misjudged throughout history and up to a certain point vilified through the growing cynicism of a modernized world . Society consensually projects the idea of imagination to childhood and it often equates it with immaturity or a lack of thinking seriously and rationally.   Even artists and people with a creative flair … Continue reading The Human Gift of Imagination… and the Great Cost of Losing It


Imho, spiritual knowledge is True sovereign power!  By reacquainting ourselves with our True Power, we begin to realign ourselves with Source consciousness, thereby, opening channels to explore our purest forms of potentiality. Knowing the laws/principles that governs this matrix is a fantastic tool to have in your arsenal as you continue the process of navigating your physical/spiritual transmutation. If you were to think of the … Continue reading 105 UNIVERSAL LAWS – THE OFFICIAL RESISTANCE

Beyoncé Coachella 2018 DECODED

The youtube channel, Truth Perfected, did an excellent job exposing some of the ways people are controlled or manipulated by the entertainment industry. This video reveals the use of hypnotic entrainment, mind control, and carefully placed subliminal satanic symbols. Fans who traveled from all over the world came to watch a long awaited performance by their musical idol Beyonce. Her appearance was postponed last year … Continue reading Beyoncé Coachella 2018 DECODED

7 Spiritual Laws of the Universe

I resonated with this article sometime in 2011 I think. It encapsulated  what I was going thru spiritually at the time. It was during this time my spiritual identity began to solidify and I embraced my TRUTH. Everything around me shifted, within and without. Those of you who are reading this, know exactly what I’m talking about. This article was a huge help during that transition. It … Continue reading 7 Spiritual Laws of the Universe

Becoming Informed

As Humanity prepares itself for the transition, it is important to aquaint ourselves w/ the various parasitic programs the PTB utilizes to keep Humanity entrained and enslaved. These parasitic tentacles touches every aspect of our cultural matrix. The entertainment industry is no different. Below are images of symbols celebrities use as a calling card to satanic worship and rituals. Knowledge of these tactics empowers your … Continue reading Becoming Informed