Understanding the Nine Veils

by A. True Ott The Nine Veils that Shroud the Human Soul Nearly a decade ago, a dear friend and colleague of mine named Don Harkins authored a wonderfully thought-provoking piece entitled “Slavery and the eight veils.” Prior to Harkins’ untimely death, we discussed this “Eight-veils theory” for literally hours together – and in the […]


The Simulation Hypothesis

For those of you who are still on the fence regarding Earth being a simulation, this  article by Riz Virk is for you. Even if you know all there is to know, its just a great article. Plus, I added the video as a bonus! Your welcome 🙂 The Simulation Hypothesis -version of reality?- By: Riz […]


What is shadow work?

  Whether we are aware of it or not, we are currently in the process of healing ourselves both  collectively and individually. This  process called “shadow work”, is bringing  up to the surface, suppressed identity fragments that we buried and suppressed deep within our subconscious. These fragments are screaming for our attention and you can […]