The Power Of Intention

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“What you do FOR others you do for yourself. What you do TO others you do to yourself. Experiencing harmony and fulfillment in life is quite simple. Love and honor yourself.” – Chuck Danes

Are you experiencing everything that you are “intending” for your life? Whether or not you are “conscious” of it…you are.

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The Power Of Intention NEVER fails or misses it’s target. It delivers to you perfectly and precisely and with unwavering certainty, precisely what you ask…without fail.

You only need become “conscious” of how to “ask” in a way that provides “desired” results.

Expanding your awareness with regard to The Power Of Intention could prove to be one of the most beneficial and enlightening of all the Power Principles IF you discover as so many do that you are “unconsciously” choosing your intention which serves as the communication device with the unseen, spiritual or metaphysical realm.

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How can you know this? IF you are receiving anything other than the “desired” outcomes in your life.

It is this unconscious intention, which are merely underlying “subconscious beliefs” that once consciously recognized, adjusted and intentionally held will without fail deliver to you precisely what it is that you “consciously” desire and are seeking to experience just as “perfectly and precisely” as it delivers the polar opposite for those who are “unconscious” as to why they might be receiving “undesirable” outcomes due to their “unconscious” asking.

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So the key to begin experiencing “desired” results is to discover first hand what the Power of Intention is and the crucial role it plays in creating whatever events, conditions and circumstances that you might currently or at some point in the future will experience and further develop your ability to begin consciously utilizing it’s limitless power…YOUR limitless power to begin experiencing “desired” outcomes.

To consciously put The Power Of Intention to work to bring about these “desired” outcomes in your life, whether physically, financially, relationally, emotionally and/or spiritually is simply a matter choice. This choice is quite simply being willing to keep your ATTENTION on your INTENTION…consciously and purposefully.

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Although many desire and claim a preference to experience financial plenty for example, often times without being “aware”, they are continually focused on the lack of money that they currently might be experiencing and “perceive” to be reality which can never create the desired outcome of financial plenty. This unconscious focus of “Attention” on lack is “unconsciously” placing your Intention on lack and in essence asking for more lack which is precisely what is received.

It’s important to understand that Source…whatever you might choose to refer to Source as NEVER says no…EVER.

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In other words there exists no such thing as “Unanswered Prayer” as so many believe…perhaps even you.

Why many believe this possibility exists is due in great part to traditionally established teachings regarding unanswered prayer which they have developed “beliefs” concerning but the “Higher Truth” is that there exists no such thing.

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A focus on a lack of financial resources is merely an unconscious intention held and projected which enacts the Law of Attraction and draws to you precisely what you are vibrating…more specifically the resonance projected when “feeling” in a state of lack. This unconscious intention serves as “the prayer” being broadcast which is precisely what you receive…just as you ask.

To discover what is attracting and creating any desired or undesired outcome in your life, it’s only necessary to tune into your inner feelings regarding that situation which will clearly show you what your intention is.

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In the case of a desire to acquire monetary wealth for example…

Is your intention consciously focused on the creation of wealth or the lack of wealth which can only serve to unfold as a creation of lack? A fear of money for example whether a fear of lack of it or any other type of fear with regard to it creates emotions within you that serve to draw the lack of it to you.

It’s not difficult to discover which intention you hold. Simply become conscious of your consciousness. Your thoughts…more specifically the emotions that your predominant thought processes create which are revealed to you as a result of becoming more consciously “aware” of them and what they “truly” are, will provide you with the answer.

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Emotions are incredibly insightful tools which if consciously recognized and utilized properly…”intentionally”, can prove to provide the direction needed for turning what you “perceive” to be bad into that which you “perceive” to be good.

The Power Of Intention is the power by which we are able to consciously or “unconsciously”, through our own choosing, utilize the immutable and unwavering Universal Laws which govern all of creation, also referred to as Laws of Nature, to attract and experience a life of joy, fulfillment, abundance, and unlimited prosperity in our lives as well as that same ability to create lack, limitation and discord.

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The only difference as to what it is that YOU will draw is based on your intention…not necessarily your “conscious” intention but rather the “subconscious” underlying intention that you hold with regard to any outcome which if you are like the majority, you have no conscious awareness of.

This intention is determined by the underlying or “subconscious beliefs”

Now that may leave you a bit confused and perplexed, but by the conclusion of the Power Of Intention article you will have a much clearer understanding as to how and why it works this way and why you may be experiencing far less than you “wish” you could.

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It’s NOT that you can’t experience your desired outcomes, it’s only because you have not yet discovered how to utilize The Power of Intention to ensure that you do.

How exactly does the Power of Intention work and how can it make a difference in your life?

First let’s explore a bit deeper and become more “aware” of what The Power Of Intention is and get a bit more understanding as to how it operates.

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There are 2 aspects of intention. The first which is known and understood to an extent by all are the conscious intentions that you hold. These conscious intentions are the conscious thoughts that you think and conscious desires you may have which say “I want more money…I want more health…I want more love in my life…I want…?????.

It’s this conscious form of intention that most believe serves as the communication device with the Source of their understanding. It IS NOT. It is this lack of awareness concerning The Power Of Intention which creates reinforced beliefs of ones inability to experience the desire…what is “consciously” asked for during prayer and when not received in the form that was “consciously asked for or intended wasn’t provided, leaving the “prayor” to assume that it was “unanswered.”

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Such mythologies as “unanswered prayer” can only serves to further discourage and diminish the “faith” or “belief” of those who might otherwise remain strong in their faith and as a result experience EVERY desire fulfilled.

Faith and belief, which make up The Power Of Intention ALWAYS provides what is asked for and desired. It’s only a matter of not “consciously” asking which is “perceived” as unanswered. Becoming aware of this and utilizing the Power of Intention consciously, purposefully and consistently will clearly reveal the limitless power that the Power Of Intention provides to you.

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The process of creation NEVER fails or wavers.

Your intentions are provided 100% of the time without fail…it’s only due to a lack of deeper understanding…a lack of awareness that people “perceive” that their prayers go unanswered or as many are taught, that it is not “God’s will” for their lives.

Spiritual text makes it VERY clear, yet many allow false doctrines and teachings to limit or create feelings of guilt or “unworthiness” regarding the fulfillment of their “desired” intention or “desired” outcome limiting their ability to receive it or in some cases due to these self limiting and self sabotaging beliefs, NOT ask at all fully believing that they CAN’T experience it…and so they don’t. Their “truth” is fulfilled just as they “intended.”

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Think for a moment how you “feel” when you believe you can have something that you desire. It “feels” good doesn’t it? Now think of how you “feel” when you discover that you CAN’T have something…or should I say “perceive” that you CAN’T have. Does it not “feel” much different. Of course.

It is merely your underlying “belief” which is the root of this “feeling.” It’s easy to “feel” good about a desired outcome when you can see, feel, touch and enjoy it. Your belief is actually strengthened and you develop a “knowing” that you could have more of this if you choose…and so you can.

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What you are unable to see currently but desire is not quite as easy to believe in, but it DOES exist. It is only your “intention” which enacts the Power Of Intention which keeps it from you based on your “belief” which determines your intention and you receive just that.

Believing in the lack of an outcome initiates The Power Of Intention just as believing in the fulfillment of an outcome does. The Power of Intention just like Universal Law NEVER fails.

You only need to develop the belief in yourself and your worthiness to experience whatever your desire might be and The Power of Intention will ensure that you do.

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You CAN experience WHATSOEVER you desire to experience. You only need to “consciously” intend it. Which brings us to another point which should solidify your belief in this “Higher Truth.”

Another ancient spiritual text that supports your ability to receive your desired outcomes is…

“Whatsoever ye desire when ye pray, believe that ye receive and it shall be given.”

It is VERY clear. There is NO room for misunderstanding. Whatsoever means just that…WHATSOEVER. Do you desire more money? Do you desire more fulfilling relationships? Do you desire better health? You can have it. In fact you already have it. It already exists in fact. “The kingdom of God is within you” as spiritual text so clearly states.

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What is the Kingdom of God??? EVERYTHING!! Everything that is, was or ever will be. Many are familiar with the teaching that God is the Alpha, The Omega, The Beginning, The End, The ALL in ALL, the I AM. What does that mean exactly? It means that YOU have ANYTHING and EVERYTHING that you can conceive available to you ALREADY…It’s WITHIN you.

From the perspective of modern day science, as they have discovered…EVERYTHING already exists as a “probability of existence.” Granted, it exists at the “energy” level which cannot yet be experienced with the limitations of the 5 human senses but it DOES exist.

All that must be done to experience it is to begin “consciously and purposefully using The Power of Intention to call it forth. The “within you” is the resonance created which you project into this “Field” which through the Law of Growth MUST become physical.

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Most just aren’t aware as to how to “consciously and intentionally” call it forth so they can personally experience it in their lives and as a result develop additional “subconsciously ingrained beliefs” which only serve to keep them from ever receiving whatever the “desired” outcome might be.

Another example of spiritual text which makes it very clear with regard to your ability to experience WHATEVER desires you may hold is…”Ask and you shall receive, seek and you shall find, knock and the door will be opened. For EVERYONE who asks receives, he who seeks finds and to him that knocks it SHALL BE opened.”

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Do ANY of these texts leave ANY room for wonder or doubt? If they do, it is only because you have been conditioned or programmed to “believe” something contrary to what they so clearly state.

It is these very beliefs which determine your “intention” or as science refers to it, your vibrational resonance which is projected in the way of vibrational frequencies into the Universe or if you prefer to Source which attracts additional energies or “frequencies” to itself which harmonize with the outgoing frequency, and depending on the kind and quality of that projected frequency, determines precisely what you receive in your physical life as a result.

To simplify the understanding…

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Your beliefs determine your intention. You can consciously claim that you wish to experience a given outcome yet if the underlying belief that you hold is disharmonious or conflicts with the manifestation of that outcome, more specifically the “subconscious beliefs” that you may not be currently aware that you have, the subconscious which is determining your “intention” to Source wins EVERY time.

Although The Power Of Intention does provide outcomes at this conscious level, it can only produce and create outcomes which the conscious mind was designed to create which is at the “physical level.”

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The conscious aspect of mind is for use in the physical world. The conscious mind is the aspect of mind that makes judgments and forms perceptions based on what is being experienced with the limitations of the 5 physical senses. It determines it’s “perceptions” of reality based on very limited data which is limited to what is “physical” in nature.

The subconscious mind is the right brained, feminine aspect of mind which connects with Source. It serves as the communication device with the unseen, metaphysical or spiritual realm. It is non judgmental, doesn’t rationalize, but only stores what the conscious mind gives to it which is very limited data based on and by physical experiences.

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To begin consciously utilizing The Power Of Intention it is necessary to develop the understanding and awareness of how these 2 aspects of mind operate.

As an example…

A conscious intention to create monetary wealth combined with a “subconscious” belief that it takes hard work and struggle to make money, will produce results, although very limited and mediocre results, which are limited to and by what can be achieved through your individual physical effort and WILL require hard work and struggle to receive it.

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Although many “perceive” their physical actions to be the cause of their outcomes, this “perception” is known as creating effects through effects which although it does produce “some” result, limits the kind and quality of the results that you are far more than capable of achieving.

To fully utilize the Power Of Intention it’s necessary to dig deeper than the physical cause of outcomes. To discover the Source where all things physical are derived. This can be done through developing an understanding of what modern day science has discovered or through the study of spiritual text and what the most enlightened masters in the history of the world taught…or both.

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They both lead you to the same undeniable conclusions.

To transcend and rise above the limitations of what is available and possible for you through the rationale and limitation of the conscious aspect of mind which is connected to and limited by the physical world, it is necessary to develop a deeper understanding of how the mental, physical, emotional and spiritual aspects of you work in perfect harmony to produce your “physical results” and once discovered learn to change and harmonize your underlying “intention” (subconscious belief patterns) consciously, consistently and purposefully which will produce results that FAR exceed what individual “physical effort” could EVER possibly provide.

The second form of intention are the underlying subconscious processes which run silently and continuously behind the scenes in your mind and which determine what 90% of our “conscious intentions” or thought processes consist of which are being communicated at this physical level.

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The mind is merely a tool that the “real you” the “spirit” you has been provided with to carry out your “purpose” in the physical world.

Like ANY tool it can be used or misused. Just as electricity can be used to serve, it can also be used to kill if it is not understood and “consciously” utilized. Gravity can be used in the same way….as a tool that assists or a tool that can hurt or kill. It’s only a matter of becoming aware of it and then how YOU choose to use it.

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You have been provided an inalienable right of free will to use The Power Of Intention as you choose. Choosing to remain “unconscious” of it’s operation is merely a choice to remain “unconscious” of it’s power and the result will be limited physical outcomes…far less than what you are quite capable of achieving and experiencing.

In the same way just as electricity or gravity, you get to choose how you will use The Power Of Intention…you get to choose to become aware or remain unaware of the power that YOU hold…to use it consciously or unconsciously. There is no right or wrong way…no good or bad…just the way that you choose which without fail produces physical outcomes based on those choices.

It simply becomes your experience.

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You cannot fool Source. Source NEVER says no but provides to you precisely and with unwavering certainty what you ask for. This asking which can, does and will provide outcomes limited only by your willingness to “conceive” them is done at the subconscious level. The subconscious mind serves as the gateway to the unseen, spiritual or metaphysical realm. It is this subconscious or in most cases this “unconscious” communication with this unseen realm that determines your physical experiences.

The consciously held desire to experience more financial abundance is overwritten by the more powerful subconscious “intention” that money is hard to come by and requires struggle…and so it does.

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Everyone has a “conscious desire” to be happy yet few can honestly claim that they are happy. It’s only because of choosing to remain unaware of the underlying processes which are creating the unhappiness. Happiness or sadness are too merely choices that you have the right as well as the ability to choose or not choose.

The Power of Intention is creating your reality. Change your intention and you change your reality.

Just become aware of what underlying intentions you hold for yourself and you’ll discover what is creating your outcomes.

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Someone with a “conscious intention” or “desire” to create more monetary wealth for example, who continues to experience less than the desired outcome, has at some level an “unconscious intention” an underlying belief which is communicating to Source your intention and creating that outcome, perfectly, precisely and without fail just as you “ask.”

Discover the truth in this, begin to use The Power of Intention consciously and purposefully and you’ll change your physical reality.

The Power Of Intention once discovered, recognized, understood and consciously utilized will produce results in EVERY area of your life that those who are unconscious would consider to be miracles.

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It’s ALL about awareness…self awareness…about discovering the power that you and everyone else has been provided the opportunity as well as the choice to use or not.

Whatever your individual choosing might be it is our sincere and heartfelt hope that those choices will lead you one step closer to experiencing the “desired” results in each and every area of your life with the least amount of “growth lessons” and in the shortest period of time.

A life of harmony, fulfillment, joy, profound inner peace and limitless prosperity IS available to you simply by learning to “consciously” ask for it.

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The Power of Intention WILL provide it every time without fail.

Choosing it will enable and empower you to live and experience a life uncommon.

What we choose to refer to as Abundance and Happiness.

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