Sophia-Christ Consciousness Creating Global Transformation

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Sophia-Christ Consciousness exists within all… This force has been intentionally suppressed so that we are not in our divine essence and true power… We see it on a macro and micro level…

This planetary body is veiled, and underneath this veil exists a humanity that is swimming in a lower density pool ruled by lower entities that grab onto anything they can to fulfill their agenda.

This traces back to the way the Anunnaki felt about the Ancient Ones – in desiring to create a slave race that would be ignorant to their own true origins.

This mentality and system are known as Archons, which are the lower alien races such as Reptilians, Draconians and Greys and other beings that are either fallen entities from higher systems or the forces that the Demiurge (craftsman – lower creator ‘God’) emanates – the Arch-angels being the more positive end of it.

Many already know about these darker entities and how they are the force behind most power structures in the World. They originated before the Earth came into existence but they are not generators or originators or the True Creator, they are imitators; and certain technologies are the tools they use to dominate, control and act as so-called gods.

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Because they have no inspiring influence or ability to enlighten, they breed, clone and use genetics in an invasive way to spread their influence.

The Military Industrial Complex has thrived on secrecy, and even as disclosure will happen, it will most likely be done in a manipulated way, never fully revealing why it has been kept secret and what was done behind our back for all of these years.

Disclosure is happening amongst us though and if we can really integrate and understand other valuable truths, we will be protected against them using disclosure to then introduce false concepts that can further draw us into their web of deceit, while allowing the other secrets to slowly be brought into our world, as the introduction of human robots, (which act as human weapons) and ET wars that could be fake or real, slowly start to show themselves.

This is all a part of a meme that we do not have to participate in.

Even if we witness aspects of a catastrophic timeline, we have a choice to not venture down that path and there are ways to avoid it. Everything we see happening reveals the health of the collective whole that other beings and races reveal as extensions of ourselves, as we are extensions of the many dimensions – emanating the ones that match our vibratory frequency.

If we are not a part of the problem, then we don’t have to engage in their battles and dramas. Most of what has been happening in secrecy, though, has created an inevitable drama, as they have been spending trillions of our tax dollars on agendas that only serve their elitist mentalities.

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This includes:

  • off-planet colonies with the use of teleportation and time-travel
  • the targeting of individuals who they perceive as a threat
  • the Secret Space Program
  • MK weapons
  • underground bases
  • strategic false-flag events to further draw us into their manipulative pit like 9-11 did

Dark rituals, horrific child-abuse and the creation of agents and slaves to serve them, use the knowledge of the occult to infect the planetary body with negative frequencies that is food to them.

This is how they sustain power and influence behind the curtain. This keeps creating fear, pain, and negative feelings that is a life force that they live on. As awful as this all sounds, there is a way out.

This is why it is crucial that we understand the concept of Christ-Sophia consciousness and how these lower forces have affected our DNA, and produced this junk DNA (un-used and un-activated) and how that connects to the planetary body and its veils and the suppression of the Goddess.

It is not a new-agey thing, this is ancient, it doesn’t need to be labeled, it is not about the physical even, or being a female – it is about creation and what we are up against and how much the scales have been tilting towards the war mongers and control freaks… this is a way to soften it all, and return the power to Gaia.

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Their lust for our powerlessness and blind faith is further exacerbated by the use of mind-control and micro-chips that do not allow individuals to access their inner voice and their connection to Source. Some people are directly involved in the programs, usually beginning in infancy and others are in a kind of trance as the ELF microwave frequencies that are emitted from our TVs keep us locked in a lower mind-set that is obsessed with the lives of others and consumerism.

The nerve toxins of chemtrails keep us in a state of nervous system disorder, as we also are infected emotionally and psychically by delusional feelings, alongside a deep and powerful longing to be free, because things are just not right.

The lower alien races and their technologies chose Earth allies to create programs with, and they exist on Earth and in underground bases (particularly the Greys) for breeding programs in the attempts to destroy the will of Nature, the Soul and the Higher Consciousness of All – so that they can run the Universe and have ultimate domination, and hide away in their off-planet colonies until perhaps they can come back to Earth and rule, or take it beyond the stars and let Earth just self-destruct.

Unity Consciousness and the return of the Divine Feminine to restore balance, nutrition, higher love and wisdom; the pulling of our energy away from feeding the false system; and choosing to detox, deprogram and support the causes that count are where we can best direct our energy.

It is important to have the realization that we are a part of this planetary organism Gaia, which is essentially the body of the Goddess who morphed into the planet and whose womb is both the Cosmic and Earthly.

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by Petros Panagiotopoulos

Gaia is Multi-dimensional who has embodiments of herself on Earth, who act as a bridge to the Higher Worlds and multi-dimensions. Through the cycles of Venus as a Unified field, we are capable of lifting these veils and creating global transformation.

The Goddess energy is our missing link right now, as her story isn’t just one of feminine power in the World – she also represents Cosmic power whose origins are in the creation of all Worlds, in a realm called Ain Soph, or Bythos where Sophia came forth forming the Pleroma and the Aeons – the first womb of creation that birthed divine pairs, Gods and Goddesses.

She is also called the 100,000 name Goddess for her many aspects, embodiments and the different variations that each culture has attributed to her name.

She has been venerated in civilizations that we now see in archeological artifacts and ruins. Many who live in those sacred places still hold a strong affinity and honor her and see the land as her body, the Underworld as her womb and consciousness as the Queen of Heaven and Holy Spirit.

The European Prehistoric Earth Goddess ‘Cybele’ (left), (later Britannia), is also often depicted enthroned with lion/s as is the Minoan mountain goddess (right).

She has existed in such places as Egypt, Glastonbury, Greece and India and in the myths and legends of Avalon, Atlantis, Lemuria and many higher star systems that revere her and embody the essence and aspects.

But as she was spreading her influence and opening up worlds and higher dimensions, a timeline that opposed it had been building.

That drove the most Sacred knowledge and ancient cultures of wisdom underground, or caused collapse due to intense dramas and power struggles by foreign invaders, and drove the Goddess into exile. This is all a part of the incredible competition and desire of the lower Archonic forces to dominate and control as they have done with most indigenous tribes.

They knew they would return, and the Goddess knew she would have to wait through many cycles for it all to really play itself out and for the maturation of the divine spark within to illuminate, after all the necessary growth, karma, Universal laws and incarnations.

There are more than one species that have a lust for control – it seems the reptilians are the most dangerous…

The problem is they hate the Mother energy and have disassociated from it so much out of a desire to be the ultimate Gods, that they have used religion, the money system and government to rule and prey upon human hosts to carry out their agendas, while appearing as a structure that we might benefit from.

Many are waking up to the lies.

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Since these are their last attempts to create insult and injury, our environmental problems are increasing and the desire they have to depopulate and poison us by lowering our frequencies even more are causing us to stay trapped beneath the veils. As a result, our health suffers and our spiritual vitality fades even more, leading us to seek help, doctors, gurus and saviors – which further feeds their lust for power and our belief that we are victims and powerless.

It is important to seek assistance, but at the same time, not lose the awareness of how much power we have to heal and transform.

In unity, no lower races or agendas thrive, and because it has nothing to feed off of, it starves. To lift the veils, we have to emanate the energies of the higher worlds, of love and freedom, and our world will begin to become that.

Races from higher star systems can assist us and act as helpers and messengers; Christ/Sophia consciousness itself is the most potent, as many higher races and spirit guides encourage this development and enlightenment in us. They are in Unity Consciousness, with abilities we are growing into and reawakening – this is also in our divine blueprint and is a spark within all that is capable of being highly illuminated.

Hathor is associated with Pleiades, Isis with Sirius, and Sophia/Christ with Ain Soph – we must realize we contain these frequencies in our higher nature.

The myth about Tiamat also explains the formation of the heavens and Earth, since she embodies the seas of chaos.

Why so much focus on the feminine?

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Yin Yang Yuang

It is important we do this because the reason such horrible and horrific agendas have thrived is due to the exile of the Goddess and their total negation of her as our Cosmic Mother, and this is the root of duality, war, poverty and all imbalance. So to put extra focus on the feminine allows us to awaken the Shakti power and recognize her force and the Sacred Union within…

The stories and myths are endless, but the main characters that one deals with when trying to explain Creation and the archetypal influences that are affecting us most – would bring in names such as Christ-Sophia/Isis-Osiris and Yahweh-Jehovah… which is the divine pair and then the Chief Archon.

The names and archetypes are endless, in terms of the many aspects, names and sisters and daughters of the Goddess Sophia, such as – Magdalene, Lilith, Diana, Quan Yin, Ariadne and Kali, Hathor, Brigit and Danu, etc.

And the same goes for the Christ with his many aspects, names, brothers and sons such as – Osiris, Dumazzi, Ra, Seth, Thoth, Horus, etc – and they are all have different functions and roles.

However, it is the divine pair we are looking to, to restore balance… and in the end, we are looking to resolve the archetypal dramas within ourselves and to also recognize the poetic function that they serve to help us to understand Creation and the parts of ourselves that have been led astray from the highest expression of Unity, love, balance and wisdom that the divine pair represents.

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The fact that they can never have power over her leads them to the choice of surrender or becoming completely obliterated, as the resurrection of the divine feminine begins to resolve duality and reclaim wholeness which thereby makes it harder for them to prey on the vulnerable or even exist.

As Goddess rises out of exile, we too rise out of our deep sleep and amnesia.

The story of Jesus and Magdalene has been completely re-written to diminish Magdalene’s role. But instead of being Saviors, they are more liberators, capable of assisting us in breaking free from enslavement, showing us that we are just like them. The concept of Savior or worship is what the elitists want, because as long as we feel weak and need to pray and have faith, the more we are powerless, using the concepts such as punishment, to explain misfortune or why things are so terrible in the World.

As long as we aren’t in our power, we are giving it away, becoming easily gullible and led astray.

These figures were indeed real and these beings are always alive and well, working behind the scenes to bring about transformation, but most potently through initiating self-realization in others and the illumination of the divine spark within.

And it is through the depths of our souls, connecting to the Mother womb, reclaiming our power, living from the wisdom of the heart and our connection to Source through our upper chakras, that we find our Christ-Sophia energy in both the upper and lower spheres. This is really the totality of who we are, as a living Tree of Life, with a root system and branches reaching to the Heavens.

Sleeping Goddess
Sleeping Goddess

Most things are belief systems, most myth is the story of the dreaming Goddess and the many complex relationships that emerge and then take form…

What I share is not told to be an absolute, since truth is in the soul of the beholder, but when one digs really deep into the realm of spirit, they do discover this pair, and an ancient essence awakens, assisting one in clearing the fog and breaking free from any programming that existed in one’s mind before hand.

To really simplify things – Sophia as Barbelo who was the first Aeon to emerge from the Deep (Bythos), birthed the Christ energy as she was both Mother and Father.

This happened within the Pleroma, which holds the many Aeonic pairs that emerged from her. A leak seemed to happen when the Aeon closest the boundary was reacting to the passion that was stirring; this passion came from a desire to understand herself more. It moved outside of the boundaries of the fullness of God and could not be contained.

So in a sense a portion of her was still in the Pleroma, while another portion seemed to move away from it and descend, and in that process matter began to be formed.

Because Sophia’s dreaming created a kind of leak, this energy current impacted the inert fields of primordial matter (primordial sea of chaos) and formed the Demiurge who then emanated the Archons. Negative emotions like bewilderment, longing, grief and fear created the demiurge – because the portion of Sophia that leaked outside of the Pleroma longed to return and felt lost.

She was able to pull herself back and saw the disturbance that was created; the only way to resolve the issue was for the Christos energy to soothe her and for Sophia to create a divine plan from the inside and then offer more of her energy to the process and go on a journey away from her home and eventually return.

She put her spark in all beings that were being created, so that they might rise into the Worlds she is from, grow spiritually and be freed from the lower densities that were beginning to form – which would then attempt to enslave, control and entrap.

Icon of St. Sophia and her daughters, St Faith, St Hope ...
St. Sophia and Her daughters

Many aspects and sisters emerged as She moved closer and closer into her creations.

Because both positive and negative feelings were experienced. Archons were born of her because they came from her in a sense, but not in the same way as organic species that are held in the Mother womb, birthed with intention. Some dimensions and beings were created from joy, and that gave them a capacity to be angelic and positive gatekeepers in the higher realms of the demiurge’s domain.

But the more demonic energies were more disembodied and inorganic, because they were created from a reaction and from her longing and grief; and they took a life of their own that had nothing to do with her or any attributes that she possessed. Even worse than negative beings lower than the demiurge even, has attempted to run our World.

They thrive off of negativity; they have no other thought than self-preservation, just like a cancer cell and parasite and they completely lack morals, emotions and even soul.

Sophia would then morph into the physical planet, walk the Earth and be a bridge between the higher and lower, in order to protect us from the lower Creative male force and all the agents and aspects that emerged from him. They all wish to deny her existence; they thrive on stolen light and feed off of souls, harvesting their energies for their own survival.

A veil exists between the upper and lower. The Archons and this false God has ruled in that place, as a sort of gatekeeper.

Sophia through the Venus path and the transits works to correct this. She has a part of herself in the Pleroma though and is always in union with Christ. When things come to more completion, she will be able to draw in more of the Higher Sophia energies, as she is a mirror of her and the same being.

WE are all of Sophia.

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From Ancient Sumer, tracing back into the origins of how this was affecting life, this point of Duality was already an issue and led to the Goddess Inanna, another name for Sophia – plunging into the 7 gates of Hell from the more upper planes of Heaven (but not the Pleroma, just beneath it).

This was the beginning her of embodying the Venus transits and global transformation. She does this to merge with her sister who lay in the World beneath, as an aspect of herself that split from her when she plunged into matter and was dealing with less than divine archetypal forces around her.

The story of the Goddess splitting into many aspects also takes the form of Persephone and Demeter; and in a larger picture sense, the Goddess journey is all about retrieving her many aspects and weaving things together – the higher and lower worlds, in order to counteract the goal of the Archons, which is to completely dominate, control, rule Nature and take over the Universe.

This process is to restore the Tree of Life, balance, unity and immortality.

There is no point in blaming any deity, as this is all generated from Source itself, while free-will is handed to every being to then ride the cycles of time and reincarnation to truly return to what is one’s concept of home, with many levels and dimensions to reside in.

We have been robbed from our free-will on many levels, but we take responsibility when we see that there is no separation and we can create global transformation – by seeing ourselves as a microcosm of the greater whole and the love-story of Creation, where the alchemical marriage within is awakened and God and Goddess rest together in eternity on all levels of existence…

End times to me is more about the end of having to share this journey with those who oppose our creative freedom and divine light.

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The forces that have been feeding off of Gaia and ourselves and have taken our life force, can finally be returned to us – leading to the dream being awakened and harmony being restored through the rays of love, wisdom and Sacred Union… a true Happily Ever After…

by Laura Magdalene Eisenhower

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