Sunrise Over Earth

The change has already come, it’s our minds that won’t be able to catch up for years if we don’t start now. Even then, this is that time and you know it, you would’ve had to started years ago for this to make any sense.

This is that time that was foreseen, most have no previous experience in unknowing in order to know what is happening now and remain focused. The worlds are inverted, here, it’s as if everyone knows. If you know, then you don’t go over to big groups of people who don’t know because everything they think they know is actually a form of toxic given to them by a corrupt plan.

The actual list of fake news media and 'journalists' as ...

There, the media’s artificially generated world of hysterical projection and dramatism for power, no one dares know or ask the questions that open up the paths that lead directly to knowing. That world is it’s own economic circular thought loop of projected misery. Which one is more reasonable? This one contains only information but it could be said to be more self sentient than many many people arguing.

Do you see where we are now?

man vs machine

At a crossroads of consciousness and technology. What if that artificial world that many people are fighting over truly exists only in the heads of those arguing? What if their energy exists there, in a place that is defined by and contained within technology and artificial mental constructs? Could that have something to do with the tools and the scalar systems that map out and robotize the minds of people so as to map out and hijack their afterlife?

Creating the world’s first live Virtual Reality event for ...

If one’s reality is controlled so effectively that they live entirely within that control, are they really alive?

By omnipulse

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