Are You a Spiritual Outsider? (From Evolution to INvolution)

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Humanity has reached a critical point in its evolution.

We have made huge, unprecedented strides economically, technologically and scientifically.  These have brought huge material benefits and freedoms for some of us.  However, this has also given birth to a range of disturbing social, political, ecological and economic problems, creating a soulless, highly advanced society where people feel increasingly anxious, depressed and isolated from each other, lacking the meaning and purpose of being connected to something beyond the material self.

Most of us can clearly see that we are facing struggles that exist on an immense scale.  The world’s population is increasing rapidly, our ecological systems are suffering tremendously, resources are becoming scarce, food is being polluted and genetically modified, the rich continue to get richer and the poor, poorer, and our financial systems are as unstable as ever.

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Individually we aren’t any better either.  Our way of life is devoid of meaning, purpose, satisfaction and fulfillment, producing an ever-increasing number of people with physical, emotional and mental illnesses.  Anxiety and depression disorders are at an all-time high, and medications only serve to mask our true illness.

Conscious Awakening

Intuitively many of us know that something in our lives and the world around us needs to change.  We are beginning to realize that we need to change our way of thinking, perceiving, being and behaving in the world in order to direct our attention away from the externally focused world, to the boundlessly internal one.

We need to learn how to think differently and live differently.

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I’ve often searched for a word, a direction, an experience that encapsulates this need to break away from the sickly structures and illusions of society.  Our world is so caught up in progressing externally – in the evolution of our economies, in the advancement of our technologies, and as always, in the improvement of our material lives.  But we have forgotten to direct effort to our internal lives, and our neglect shows itself in the constant chaos and suffering we create for ourselves and the surrounding world.  This is why a big part of my personal message involves the path of inner work – the inner exploration and healing of our souls – a path that helps us rediscover ourselves.

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Whether through inner work, or through many of the other paths that exist in our world, we are all searching for a spiritual awakening, for something that takes us beyond the mundane and ordinary, for something that helps us grow individually, and something that reconnects us with our higher selves and makes us feel whole, providing us with a sense of belonging and purpose.  We’ve turned to religion, politics and science to provide us with the solutions to these problems, but all of these we have tried and failed miserably.

External Answers to Internal Questions

All throughout history we have sought to answer our internal questions with external answers.  In fact, most of us still repeat this misguided search, coming up flat, dead and more frustrated and confused than before.

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Religion, although with noble intentions, has caused more harm than good by creating fanatical, self-denying beliefs and ideologies that are open to interpretation.  Many of us are realizing this now, and organized religion is crumbling apart quickly.

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Science as an answer has merely succeeded in describing HOW the world around us works, explaining what we see and feel (for example, music is a vibration within a gaseous medium), but it can never really explain WHY anything happens.  From the Big Bang Theory to Quantum Mechanics, Science will describe the process of how the universe comes to be without answering our thirst for a deeper meaning that we crave for existence.

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Politics is just another human construction we have dabbled in for answers.  Constructs such as Communism, for instance, have tried to address the issues we face by misguidedly declaring that the system can change the individual without realizing that the system only exists as an illusion.  Unless the individual flaws of greed, power thirst, fear, and so forth are addressed first, these flaws will ruin the entire collective system.

Although many of us are aware of these issues, we individually and collectively continue to carry on our old habits of focusing on the external world for answers and furthering our self-centeredness, materialism and disconnection from ourselves and the world around us.  This all adds up to an eever-increasingsense of helplessness and insignificance while we watch our leaders fail to acknowledge these problems, or else react in highly dangerous and misguided self-preserving ways.

A New Way of Living

While our current personal and global situations may be disheartening, it’s a natural result of depriving ourselves from experiencing a wider reality, of failing to expand our consciousness beyond a purely material and individualistic view of ourselves and the universe.

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Our vision for LonerWolf has always been to provide support, encouragement, a sense of belonging and a pathway to self-understanding, which our increasingly superficial societies have failed to address and help us with.  We need to transcend the values of a society that perceives the world in a fragmented and materialistic way, and strive towards creating a world that is sustainable, collectively beneficial and supports the individual spiritual thirst for a more whole, fulfilling life.

This spiritual thirst is what gives birth to the lone wolves of life, the fringe dwellers of our planet, the social outsiders of our world, and the Old and Mature in Soul.

To live wisely, love wholeheartedly, and mature fully as individuals and collectively as a species, we must develop our inner world just as much as our outer one.  We must learn how to explore the wider realms of our consciousness, appreciating that all life is an interconnected web, an energetic essence that is composed of spirit, or living energy.

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One of the ways we know how to do this is to change our way of thinking, being and behaving by cultivating Soulful Energy, following the paths and techniques of Involution that lead us towards a more soul-aware, caring and humane way of existing.

It is time to understand that we are spiritual beings that need soulful sustenance, not soulless automatons who exist solely to indulge our minds and bodies.

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To do good, to be good in this world we must act from a place of inner freedom, of soulful liberation, of freedom from all our emotional and mental needs that are tainted by self-gratification, power and control.

What do you say?

by Mateo Sol

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