Ritual Child Sexual Abuse involving Politicians, Mind-Control Spiritual Enslavement, Celebrity Cloning and Holographic Simulated Realities

This is possibly the most difficult subject for me. I have been through time, present at negotiations for the future between power groups, secret societies, breakaway civilizations and representatives of military forces and parallel shadow governments.

Everyone is used as a child for the sexual pleasure of politicians and this is a process that is used to ensnare the souls of the children as well as ‘initiate’ the politicians into groups that ensure their obedience as well as slavery to this spiritual mind control system.

Part of the idea is to make everyone a victim, that way there is really no one to blame.

They take the children and incorporate them into this control system to create the future controllers of society who are born into such a system and will not turn their backs.

All the people who have money and are achieving power will be introduced to this system and if they turn their back they are either rendered powerless and financially weak or they are made to serve their masters in ways that are impossible to describe here for humans to understand.

The system goes into time and they set up simulated environments to keep the consciousness of people in as a kind of slavery system that they pull from as needed.

They live in these simulated environments and the powerful and wealthy visit these like “Westworld” to play and murder and do whatever they please.

This is part of the control system as well as the parasite. They can conjure up any experience visceral or otherwise and as well they can literally combine multiple experiences.

So they pay to play for this and then they begin to combine the simulated experience of murder (recorded from the neurology of actual events) and sexual depravity, and this is all combined into one gushing, orgasmic, bloody, hot experience which gets their blood going and causes uncontrollable excitation.

The problem (beyond just the idea of it) is two fold here:

1) They believe because they aren’t actually killing the people right then and there, that this is just harmless fun.

2) When the ‘higher’ and ‘lower’ functions of pleasure, lust, murder, consummation, consumption, and fear are combined this literally over loads and rots the brain. The brain literally begin to warp and grow misshapen over time like that of a drug addict or a brain damage victim. This is like the cannibal disease, the same effect occurs just without the proteins causing it.

It’s from the combination and jumbling of the electromagnetic structures which normally create a congruent, proportional outline from higher to lower of various systems that manifest personality and consciousness.

These systems collapse entirely and become basically nullified over the same frequencies and a person literally become as a mentally disabled, perverted, brain damaged version of themselves.

This is the ‘scalar’ weaponry effect where the brain is basically scrambled by what in turn have been proven to be etheric parasites which literally move in to dissolve the physical being because the spiritual connection is leaving the body. There is no harmony in that process there is no stability which leads way to the original reasons and functions of consciousness, awareness, and self awareness it is like taking a chemical-electrical drug and making the person just an addict to the emotions and pleasures.

These are used for everyone in the industry, the entertainment industry, the politicians, they are all either being used by these power groups that consider themselves overlords or they are in on it themselves.

Before, I had come to accept my self as a mere service animal for the politicians. I was groomed from a young age and this was reactivated in me to the point where I became a child again remember the years of horrors and abuse and that becomes second nature like riding a bike once they flip the switch back using drugs, commands, flashing lights, ritual settings, and the same people that began the process many years ago.

This is about healing, all around as this is the only way to return to wholeness. We must reject this system and focus on truth, harmony and self-awareness.

This is not about blame or furthering the oppression by “turning the tables”, that will only project more of the same as these spiritual entities feed on the suffering.

by: Aug Tellez


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