Understanding Emotions – Relax, You Ain’t Gonna Feel Happy All the Time

Understanding emotions is your ticket to controlling them. We are all emotional beings. This means that your emotions are part of your make up and, like it or not, you are going to feel them all at some point – the good, the bad and the ugly. If, however, you believe that learning to consciously create your reality means that you will now only get to experience those “feel-good” emotions, then you are in for quite a disappointment.

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Do Not Be Misled Down a Merry Road: One of the greatest misconceptions about reality creation is that the reward for learning to align yourself with the Law of Attraction and the other Universal Laws, is eternal happiness. Not understanding emotions is in fact, the reason why most people quit their attempts to transform their lives at the first major hurdle they encounter, because it does not match this promise of uninterrupted happiness. The truth is though, that as long as you live in the physical world and choose to experience the emotions of your mental world, then you are not always going to feel “good”.

“Feel-Good” is Not a Synonym for Greater Awareness: Make sure not to confuse your search for greater awareness with a search for happiness and all those other “feel-good” emotions. One will leave you feeling balanced and at peace, while the other will leave you confused and frustrated. Greater awareness and understanding about reality creation shifts your perception about your experiences, especially about your negative experiences, and so allows you to grow. On the other hand, the search for eternal happiness keeps you stuck in those very experiences you want to avoid.

Understanding Emotions and the Law of Polarity: According to the ancient Hermetic teachings expressed in The Kybalion, the Law of Polarity is one of the Seven Universal Laws. It is also known as the Law of the Opposites and states that “everything is dual, everything has poles; everything has its pair of opposites; opposites are identical in nature, but different in degree”. In other words, things that appear to be opposites are in fact two extremes of the same thing. For instance heat and cold are varying degrees of that which we call temperature. Although they appear to be opposites, you cannot tell where heat starts or cold ends without using the other as its yardstick.

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The same goes for all emotions. Happiness and sadness are varying degrees of the same thing, as are love (adoration) and hate, confidence and insecurity, calm and irritation, courage and cowardice, good and bad, positive and negative. Pick any emotion and you will find that what you may have up until now believed to be its opposite and hence separate to it, is in fact the same emotion with a different face. This is fundamental to understanding emotions.

You Cannot Choose One Without the Other: When you choose to experience any emotion, know that you are also choosing to experience what appears to be its opposite. This means that if you want to be happy, you are by default also choosing the possibility of being sad. It cannot be any other way, since they are the same thing. They are inseparable. Likewise, you cannot eliminate all sadness from your life without getting rid of all happiness as well. Once you have understood this about the Law of Polarity, then understanding emotions becomes effortless.

As long as you live in the physical world, you are likely to experience all emotions to varying degrees. Emotions are a relative experience. In other words, you cannot have the experience of happiness without having known sadness. Nor can you know what calmness is in the absence of irritation or good without the bad to compare it with. The same applies to every emotion.


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It’s OK to Feel Sad, Frustrated and Bad: Understanding emotions neutralizes the frustration you may sense that your attempts to consciously create your reality are “not working” just because you are feeling a perceived negative extreme of any one emotion. Instead, be at peace in the knowledge that experiencing emotions are part of your life in the physical world and that they are essential to your growth. Without your emotions, you wouldn’t know what you are feeling, and without feeling, you wouldn’t know what areas of your life require attention. You do not want to find yourself continuously trapped in any extreme of an emotion, whether in the positive or negative end. By shifting your understanding and awareness about your emotions, you can learn to rise above and control them rather than have them control you.

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It’s Not What Happens that Counts, It’s Your Perception: It’s not what happens to you that counts, but rather how you perceive it. Any experience is in itself neutral but it is your emotions surrounding the experience that determine its impact on you. Depending on whether your emotions are positive or negative, so your perception, and hence the experience, is positive or negative. Your emotions are meant to be the sounding board for your growth rather than the noise in your head. Learn to rise above your emotions and allow yourself the room to grow while still experiencing the emotion itself. Understanding emotions changes your perception. The most negative experiences can then yields the greatest gifts.

By Tania Kotsos

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