The “Yellow Vest Movement” Has Spread Like Wildfire Across the World

If you’re interested in or somewhat confused by the Yellow Vest Movement (YVM), do yourself and society a service by reading this article in its entirety.

To begin, the YVM is more or less Occupy 2.0; it’s an organic response to control and corruption even if it has been manipulated by powerful interests (including via misrepresentation in the corporate media).

In short,

  • It rejects the corporatocracy, otherwise known as the crony capitalism we have today.
  • It rejects putting profits before the people and the environment.
  • It rejects greedy and evil behavior by those in power.
  • Ultimately, it rejects oppression.

There is a leader of the YVM, but it is not a person…

Instead, it is an agreement. This interconnection has sometimes been spoken in historic incarnations, but not always. Regardless, the ancient union between the people can be summed up with one word:


So whilst we enjoy the beginning of Twenty Nineteen, it is also important to pay respect to the hundreds of millions of people across our world who are somewhere between frustrated and outright furious with the corrupted design of our social system.

They genuinely want change for the people, and our future generations.

And that’s unity, right there. Embrace it for a moment, because it’s proof we can come to an agreement which would lead to real world changes, if we so choose.

So make no mistake:

if the YVM is to be fully successful it needs as many people as possible to feel how they’ve been scammed and lied to, because they cannot un-feel it.

In other words, the public needs to get on board.

This essay, therefore, is designed to contribute to a much needed civil discourse about this growing global dissent, including encouraging a strong focus on the fundamental flaws of our systemic blueprint.

The Spread of the YVM

Once again the power of the people has been mightily illustrated by individuals coming together to say “enough is enough”, this time culminating as the global spread of the YVM.

Originating in France late 2018, the Yellow Vest symbol has been adopted by dozens of other countries from both the West and East.

For example,

  • Many European countries have held strong demonstrations over the last several weeks.  
  • Thousands of Taiwanese people protested against tax injustices.  
  • Iraqis who donned yellow vests demanded improved public services.  
  • Canadians are gallantly stepping up with a FB group of over 110K members who have organized recurring rallies on each Sunday.  
  • Australians have protests organized across the country for the 19th January, 2019.

The list goes on…

The Participants of the YVM

There are as many motives for joining the YVM as there are people.

Each individual is unique in their experience and therefore their perspective. Many are just ordinary people who have been personally impacted by poor policy design, and others are more active participants in the truth and freedom network which has slowly been expanding in response to a rebirthing of ancient philosophy and powerful people conspiring in our world.

Many of these conspiracies seem outrageous to the public.

Regardless of which ones are true and which ones aren’t, they still deserve to be put on the stage of public discourse because many of them are accurate accounts of reality.

That needs to be facilitated, and not mocked by the mainstream media, which is obviously the opposite of what’s happening.

This is one potent reason why public trust in mainstream media has plummeted over recent years and why the way information is disseminated and therefore absorbed throughout our society has been shifting towards independent, online media.

Furthermore, it’s also why dismantling the old and new media monopolies is a key target of activists and dissenters.

Regardless, members of the YVM want the same thing:


Unfortunately however, most people who have consciously unleashed their deep disdain against the corruption of the political and corporate elite have too narrow focus, such as on peripheral issues which don’t account for the core design flaws of our social system.

Others concentrate on punishing those in power, instead of how to transfer the power back to the people.

And others focus solely on transforming the meta-model of our social system, calling for,

  • anarcho-capitalism
  • minarchism
  • a Resource-Based-Economy (RBE),

…or some other futurist romanticism.

The Resistance to the Resistance

The Yellow Vest protests originated in France and has therefore been dubbed ‘The French Revolution 2.0’.

Yet there are some people who believe protests are useless and that government is bad, full stop.

They say that government is inherently corrupt and therefore the only goal should be to shut it down. I empathize with this perspective, however much nuance is missed with such black and white views.

For example, many protests over our history have resulted with the change sought, regardless if the goals were misguided or not.

Yet even if a protest is on the right target but it fails to deliver real change in the system, there were still many people who were educated about the issues throughout the process.

That is still a win for the expansion of our collective consciousness.

In addition, governments aren’t going anywhere soon, nor should they. Whilst I admire the philosophy and ethics of anarchism (i.e. no government, people rule themselves etc.), it is dangerous and unrealistic to wish for it in our current era.

Maybe over the coming decades if we begin to qualify as an ‘enlightening species’, but right now there are,

  • too many cultural clashes
  • too much power in wrong places
  • too much psychopathy
  • too much dangerous weaponry to even begin considering removing the managerial systems we have in place…

Now of course it’s important to identify the potential macro-models we could revolutionize our future with, as well as acknowledge the many symptoms of our sick social structure…

However, we desperately need to take control of the core infrastructure to initiate incremental shifts towards a more just and honorable systemic design for ourselves and our forthcoming generations.

After all, there is little agreement on the goals, let alone the paths to achieve them.

That’s why we also need to ensure an inclusive, rational focus which builds unity through agreement, which in turn would educate mainstream mindsets and alternative thinkers alike on the deep systemic problems and their potential solutions, including how their liberty has been stripped away by an increasingly centralized control system.

Therefore, the initial steps should focus on minimizing government interference in our lives, ensuring it is truly representative of the people and is servicing our true needs.

This would obviously include basing all laws on individual liberty, meaning the individual has supreme authority over themselves, whilst also being held accountable for doing no harm unless in self-defence.

And do not forget:

society needs to be re-educated on so many levels which will take at least a generation or two to achieve…

So we need to be mindful of this when discussing how to move forward.

So make no mistake:

with a greater focus on what we do agree on, as well as how we could evolve that agreement, we would no doubt encourage many more people to drink from the fountain of freedom and then guide others to do the same.

Refocusing the YVM

I have spent many years monitoring and documenting the current expansion of our collective consciousness.

There’s the good, the bad and the ugly:

  • the good is an ongoing expansion
  • the bad is a plateaued expansion
  • the ugly is getting lost in conspiratorial dogmas which are dead ends at best, and self-abusive at worst…

During this time I have focused on three primary areas, which are,

  • metaphysics
  • personal development
  • social change

All three are relevant here.

For example, a core experience in metaphysical exploration is deepening our connection with connection, something that we need to do amongst ourselves if we are to literally change the system for the better.

In addition, personal development is relevant because taking exceptional care of all the layers of our health is the greatest rebellion we can have against a sick system. It’s also required so that we converse more inclusively with each other, especially those we disagree with, because it increases the success rate of facilitating change as well as reinforces our harmonization with each other.

And in terms of social change, there are some key design areas that are 100% necessary to focus on if we want to revolutionize our world, efficiently and effectively.

These themes thread throughout this article, both subtly and explicitly.

Building on our Agreement for Freedom

A most recent article on the YVM reached into the hundreds of thousands of people because it was republished across many independent news sites.

I was grateful that it went so far. In it I argued the need to create universal agreements that would actually initiate real systemic change.

Now be assured, what follows isn’t the ‘be all and end all’; it’s just a series of suggestions that I hope will encourage greater public discourse. It is designed to guide, not control.

Now that I’ve made that clear, the formula for swift social shifts is quite simple, at least in theory:

  1. Agree on some basic values that most people would support, especially the public
  2. Agree on some basic principles for guiding the change
  3. Agree on the core flaws in the system and their potential solutions, which would create real change
  4. Share these agreements with the media and the public to increase their support
  5. As a united front, force our governmental employees to act on the will of the people

In the previously mentioned article it was identified some basic values to illustrate how we can easily begin to come to an agreement.

I’ll make this short and sharp.

The six key values are:

  1. Love over hate
  2. Truth over lies
  3. Freedom over enslavement
  4. Happiness over suffering
  5. Justice over injustice
  6. Peace over war

I did this to not just present how simple it is to identify ways we do innately agree with each other, but to also show the world where we fundamentally stand.

Moving on, the four key principles suggested were:

  1. Informed choice (meaning the requirement of an honest media and government)
  2. Sovereignty (meaning all humans should have supreme authority over themselves)
  3. The Golden Rule (meaning do no harm unless in self-defence)
  4. Decentralization (meaning all services from government and otherwise should be locally organized)

Okay, now we have a good template for how we can unify.

Yet, how can we actualize the change?

The answer is obvious:

by agreeing on key reforms that as a national citizenry we expect our governments to abide by.

Introducing RIC and His Pockets for Change

There is a dire need to focus on the core design flaws of our social system and their potential resolutions because they will undoubtedly remove the power of the political and corporate elite and give it back to the people.

It was proposed this in a previous article to an Australian Yellow Vest Group and what follows are some amendments according to the feedback.

So without further ado, I’d like to introduce you to RIC, the leading representative of the YVM:

“Hi, I’m RIC.

I embody Referendums Initiated by the Citizens (RIC), otherwise known as Citizen Initiated Referendums (CIR). Governments have lost their way and are now controlled by big money, instead of by the people.

That’s why we need referendums aimed at the primary pockets of change”.

What follows, therefore, are the core areas of the system that require immediate and lasting reform:

  1. Electoral Reform to remove private money from politics, to bar lobby groups and vested interests from political decision-making and to dismantle the two party system so independent community representatives are embedded into the political structure;
  2. Monetary Reform to create a publicly-owned money supply, just like the Commonwealth Bank of Australia used to be when run by Denison Miller in the early part of the 20th Century;
  3. Banking Reform to dismantle the ‘too-big-to-fail’ banks, separate commercial and investment banking (through the Glass-Steagall Act) and create public banks that invest all profits from money creation (such as mortgages and credit cards) into social programs and infrastructure;
  4. Tax Reform to abolish all taxes and institute a transaction tax (similar to the Tobin tax) so that all tax loopholes are closed and all individuals and corporations contribute fairly (at a flat rate of just a few per cent, this would at least double current tax revenue due to eliminating tax havens, tax fraud and untaxed speculative spending by the big banks);
  5. Law Reform to ensure all legislation aligns with the Constitution and the sovereignty principle;
  6. Medicine Reform to ensure all natural and synthetic medicines are inexpensive, accessible and legal, as well as create a healthy mainstream food and water supply (yes, food and water are medicine too);
  7. Education Reform to ensure schooling and adult training fosters holistic learning, cooperation, self-discovery and health and life skills, as well as honestly educates on how the monetary and governmental systems work, including the natural rights we all born with;
  8. Media Reform to dismantle the traditional and online monopolies to foster free speech and ensure true public debate and citizen-based investigative journalism reaches the mainstream, as well as guarantee serious penalties for unstated ‘opinion’, fabrications and sponsorships in public reporting and journalism.

​I know many of you reading this probably have a lot to contribute to the above. Maybe you have different ideas about how the reforms should look like. You might not even believe that all of them are necessary.

Regardless, this is a template worth discussing and evolving because without the first steps, we’re going nowhere.

Uniting Mainstream and Alternative Thinkers

So now we have some basic values, principles and core areas for reform.

It’s definitely enough to create a solid agreement to represent to the public and ensure real change within the system, as well as resolve many of the peripheral issues that individuals focus on within the YVM .

However, there are many other serious concerns raised by the truth and freedom network. Some of them are just written off as ‘tin-foil-hat conspiracy’ by the mainstream media and therefore the masses, but is that fair…?

Only when they are authentically discussed on the public stage will we all know for sure of their accuracy.

So what follows are some examples of independent and honest examinations that are essential to occur on the public stage.

These inquests need to be supported by the government, reported on by all media platforms without bias and driven by citizen-based investigations:

  • What is the extent of the global pedophile network, how many children are being harmed and how high does it go into the political and corporate elite?
  • To what extent has scientific research been perverted by corporate interests and how can we rapidly return to publicly funded, independent, transparent, peer-reviewed scientific research?
  • Are governments truly representing their Constitution, or are they ‘corporations’ which coerce citizens into unconsented contracts via birth certificates?
  • Is 5G technology dangerous for our health and can it be hacked for nefarious purposes?
  • Geoengineering is now being pushed by some universities and the UN to control our climate, however to what extent have chemicals been previously sprayed into our atmosphere and what are their effects on humans and our environment?
  • To what extent are new energy technologies being suppressed?
  • To what extent are big tech firms – like Google, Facebook and Twitter – behaving fraudulently and unethically, and how can we create publicly-owned communication infrastructure for safeguarding our innate right to free speech?
  • What is the difference between vaccinations and immunizations, what ingredients are actually in vaccinations, what are their real effects on the immune system of children, how many children have been disabled or killed because of vaccinations and what is the extent of the fraud and cover up?
  • Are pharmaceutical monopolies suppressing cures for serious disease?
  • What is the true sociological impact of Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO’s)?
  • What is the true sociological impact of the war-on-drugs?
  • Why do specific natural substances, which have been scientifically proven to have strong therapeutic and developmental effects, continue to be outlawed?
  • What are the real agendas behind the push for a global government?
  • In what ways are the UN undermining our individual and national sovereignty?
  • Is mass migration across our world being done on purpose to weaken the nation state?
  • Unclassified documents prove that false flags are strategies commonly employed by governments, so which events in our recent history are currently classified false flags?
  • Were wars in the Middle East and elsewhere manufactured for money and power?

Now regardless of where you personally stand on any of these matters, I know you want them put to rest once and for all.

We all do…

​And the only way to achieve that is to do exactly what I suggested above:

“These inquests need to be supported by the government, reported on by all media platforms without bias and driven by citizen-based investigations”

The Media’s Role

It is the responsibility of the mainstream media to support an ongoing dialogue about all these issues and therefore engage the entire public in that discussion.

Now of course they won’t do this without being forced to, which to reiterate, is why there has been a rapid decline in trust by the public.

This is all the evidence we need to undertake media reform immediately.

However, the independent media’s role is to build momentum on this discussion. Regardless if individual journalists or entire platforms have their own disagreements about some of what is written here, they still have a responsibility to contribute.

And to be straight-forward; I don’t see the difference between the MSM and them, if they don’t.

Final Thoughts

If you more or less agree with the propositions of this article, share it. Discuss it.

Yet to be realistic, I don’t expect much to come from it…

Even though, I didn’t hear from any journalist – mainstream or independent – who wanted to explore it further, nor did I see too many people within the YVM push for building a sensible agreement among their peers to represent to the public.

Instead, I saw infighting and individuals pushing their own narrow agendas.

Regardless, I know this commentary will be educational to many, which is the primary purpose of it. It will help many of you to push beyond the ideological dogma that has stagnated you, as well as ‘feel’ our deep need to take the first steps towards a better world.

I sincerely hope that’s you…

Moreover, it’s also a documented account of where we are in this context, and how we could potentially proceed. It needs to be said, it needs to be recorded. I’m happy to take on that role.

And to reiterate, this post is pointing out that we can build an agreement that is palatable for a confused public, whilst still focusing on the areas that will create real systemic change.

Or put another way, it illustrated that we can construct a treaty, a message, that educates those who need it and therefore expands the YVM with a view of actually achieving something, whilst not pushing people away with ideological rhetoric and wild conspiracy.

It also revealed that we can raise conspiratorial matters as reasonable and non-offensive questions.

Moreover, it showed that the “awake” community are deeply divided on many theoretical and practical levels. I emphasized that word because most people still don’t understand they are NOT awake, they are just ‘awake to’ various layers of reality, regardless if it’s metaphysical, scientific, systemic, ethical or some other layer.

Put simply, it’s important for us to realize this is a journey of awakening, not a destination. And we’re all at our own personal stage of that development.

So the more people who not just realize this, but act like it too, the more playful and productive discussions we can have as we continue to expand our experience of consciousness, on both individual and collective levels.

And on a personal note, it’s inspiring to know that so many of you already own that responsibility.

After all, you’re the next stage of humanity’s evolution…

by Phillip J. Watt

January 02, 2019
from PushingTheTippingPoint Website

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