What Does it Mean to Experience…Nonlinearity Beyond the Five Senses

Our Reality Tunnel is Oddly Straight The more I ponder on it, the more I get convinced that we are hardwired to perceive, and create, this reality in a very odd fashion indeed. Why we are hardwired to perceive reality the way we do, is a question that opens up Pandora’s box wide open: a path I will not pursue here. What I am interested … Continue reading What Does it Mean to Experience…Nonlinearity Beyond the Five Senses

Are You Ready?

In my experience, everyone will say they want to discover the Truth, right up until they realize that the Truth will rob them of their deepest held ideas, beliefs, hopes, and dreams.  The freedom of enlightenment means much more than the experience of love and peace.  It means discovering a Truth that will turn your view of self and life upside-down.  For one who is … Continue reading Are You Ready?

False Light and Traps of Agreement

There is much healthy discussion taking place in determining the ways that manipulating forces have invaded, hijacked and concealed Light Truth. For those on such a quest in their awakening state, a far more sophisticated level of ensnaring is surfacing on account of this power, a power occurring within the Universal Wave, which is inside us as much as throughout the Universe. Now more than … Continue reading False Light and Traps of Agreement

Source of the Soul

                        “Breathe”…             Hollow Pursuits Social reality is an illusion. It is a subjective projection of distraction designed to dismantle our creativity, consciousness and the foundation of our being. Each of us is energetically, emotionally, intellectually and instinctually unique. Therefore, our true expression and destiny in this world is contrary … Continue reading Source of the Soul