A Basic Overview of Christ Consciousness: Six Points Explained

christ consciousness

1.What is Christ Consciousness


Spiritual  thoughts that enter into conscious minds are sometimes referred to as Christ Consciousness. It is an awareness of the higher self as part of a higher universal system. It does not relate to the personality of Christ.

Christ Consciousness is a state of mind; it is an understanding that there is a universal and omnipresent force everywhere, and connecting with this higher power.?


2. How is it Linked to Religious Beliefs?


The term is not necessarily affiliated to any religious beliefs; it was named after Jesus Christ’s spiritual elevation during his mortal life. Anybody can become Christ Conscious if they are open to the concept and seek to obtain this awareness and consciousness.
Most religious masters have walked a path of love, light, peace, harmony, and bliss, generally following a period of suffering, becoming enlightened along their journey.

This is not unique to any one of the prescribed religions, instead being a common theme amongst many belief groups. All people are capable of this enlightenment and awareness by opening their mind to higher possibilities. This is Christ Consciousness.


3. How do People Become Christ Conscious?


Consciousness can flow into a person, if there is the will and capacity to receive it, the ability to maintain it, and the understanding to nurture it. The idea is to find the spiritual way, whether this be assisted by religious beliefs, mentors, guides, intuition, or by inner reflection.

The aim is for people to become more loving, compassionate, tolerant, patient, forgiving, understanding and content, by following a new way of conscious thinking; the means by which one achieves this is not important.


Spiritual growth is obtained by aligning with inner thoughts and feelings. One should set the intention to become aware, whilst understanding that they are a unique creation within the completeness of the whole. The human mind acknowledges the Divine Mind, gradually awakening with Christ Consciousness to become more enlightened with a greater understanding of the higher forces operating all around.


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4. What Difficulties May People Face?


Many people feel a sense of inner conflict during any awakening; this is normal as your mind adjusts to a different way of thinking.
The human mind has been conditioned from birth to think in logical ways, rational ways, look at commercial values. Spirit is not material. To think of spirit, one must shed traditional ways of things and approach it in a metaphysical way.

To do this, one must clear their mind of everything. Cast out the prejudices and pre-conceived ideas. This can feel difficult to start with.


5. Are There Any Ways to Overcome Difficulties?


Meditation is an invaluable tool for quietening the mind and removing all thoughts based on modern day thinking, to allow inner reflection about a higher purpose. It is a way of becoming aligned with greater forces of nature and universal spirit. It helps people receive energy and inspiration.
Information is meant to be processed by the mind to help the person attain greater levels of spiritual understanding, as well as leading them to live a more virtuous life.

Note: With practice, you will be able to access this stillness and detachment as you become more consciously aware of your inner Presence in your every day Now moments.


6. How do People Feel When They Awaken and Become Christ Conscious?

Many people see this dawning of consciousness as a liberating and joyful experience. Fear ends and confidence grows. Trust in greater powers than the self flourish. A person becomes their own master. They shape their own destiny. They become at one with the higher vibrations, whatever name they choose to ascribe to these vibrational phenomena.

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By Operation-Meditation

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