Becoming Informed

As Humanity prepares itself for the transition, it is important to aquaint ourselves w/ the various parasitic programs the PTB utilizes to keep Humanity entrained and enslaved. These parasitic tentacles touches every aspect of our cultural matrix. The entertainment industry is no different. Below are images of symbols celebrities use as a calling card to satanic worship and rituals. Knowledge of these tactics empowers your … Continue reading Becoming Informed

Restoring your Sovereignty

    The current Qanon phenom reminded me of  a couple articles  I came across a few years back. The two articles, written by Cameron Day,  briefly explains how  Humanity’s Sovereignty has been compromised since birth.  That we are born into an enslavement system that nourishes and sustains itself  due to our complacent consent. In article 2, Cameron Day describes how to regain your spiritual … Continue reading Restoring your Sovereignty

Is The Event happening sooner than expected?

I have always had admiration for David Seaman and the courage it took to expose a disturbing Truth to the masses. Regardless of your views, you cannot deny his impact on social media. His current, and possibly last video was released today, and I wanted to quickly share it on my site. For me personally, I have always assumed the “Event” would begin as a … Continue reading Is The Event happening sooner than expected?

Learn the map…

Use this map as a tool to understand Humanity’s current enslavement system… I came across this map from a website I frequented several months ago. This map is a great example of the global complexity of this enslavement system. For those of you who are thirsty for the Truth, this map will point you in the right direction. It gives you a starting block to … Continue reading Learn the map…

Paradigm Shyft

  Do ya feel it? That “something is in the air,” kinda feeling? Nowadays, you can’t go a week without hearing some reference about this feeling. This feeling has been re-mastered for the modern times and is often expressed as The Event, The Awakening, the End Times or other biblical and prophesy references. There is a change that is happening and everyone is feeling it … Continue reading Paradigm Shyft