What does “going within” mean?

You would think that by reading all these post and articles about “going within”,this thing must be some sort of cure-all hocus pocus snake oil mumbo jumbo stuff. What does it mean to “go within your Heart” and why is it the key to Humanity’s freedom?


Going within means something different to everyone. As it should be. Some believe traditional meditation is the way to accomplish this. Others like to reconnect by going for walks in the park or by going to the beach. The list is endless. Focusing on your Heart center should be the common thread amongst the various practices. The key is to rebuild your relationship with your spiritual Self. To re-emerge body, mind, and Spirit back into alignment and Singularity. By doing so, you begin to reassemble the pieces that have lain dormant waiting to be reignited. I like to call these pieces your DNA.

Special programs and hidden organizations have always known the true power of the Human DNA. Many tests and experiments are still being executed to extract its secrets. DNA is both particle and wave in function and design much like a photon. The wave portion of our DNA are like encoded particles of light that are  interconnected with our Spirit and our Spirit is inter-connected with Everything including our intimate bond with this Planet. This beautiful Planet embodies  The Original program. This Original program was created by Us before it was replicated and inverted into its opposite. This Original program is not infected by the AI matrix and can still be accessed. So we are essentially bypassing or rejecting one program and consciously choosing to align with another and we do this by going within.

Once this process is initiated, a transmutation will occur that will reignite portions of our DNA that was purposely switched off. You begin to experience heightened sensory perception but more importantly, your memory. You access your memory through your innate ability of imagination.

None of this can occur until we decide to take back our personal sovereignty. We must take accountability for our choices and the role we play in perpetuating the machine. Once realigned with your core being, you will rediscover how powerful you are, how vastly important you are, and how your fate is decided by you.

By going within, you step outside of this matrix and you infuse it with Your intentions and Your desires. Thereby, creating your reality that is free of being controlled or triggered by old outdated crumbling luciferian programs. You are the Master of Your hologram. You are the Creator of Your reality. You are the Captain of Your perceptions!!!

This going within stuff must be the cure-all hocus pocus snake oil mumbo jumbo stuff Humanity has been looking for!


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